Meet your farmer

Chateau de Luz was born unexpectedly out of a mix of destiny and serendipity.

Our Story

Chateau de Luz was founded in 2021 by Sandra Austoni, a French expat living in Southern California. She bought this olive estate in 2020 with her husband Alan while visiting some properties in the beautiful hills of De Luz.

It was love at the first sight. The dreamy landscape is reminiscent of South of France's Provence where Sandra grew up, and where her family has been growing olives for over a century.

Sandra comes from a business and creative background, and her strong longing to get closer to Nature and her roots has truly manifested with the purchase of this property which is now where she reside with her husband and two furry babies: Oscar et Khloé.

Finding Home

Destiny in Charge

I wasn't planning on growing olives .... But It was love at first sight. As soon as I walked down this land, I instantly knew that it was calling me and that I found my home - Sandra

From Provence

My ancestors

From a small village called Bargemon, meet my grand-parents Alfred and Irene.

They had over 100 olive trees that were harvested each year in November and brought to Le Moulin ... the village mill.

Inspired by nature

Driven by Passion

Chateau de Luz is my canvas where I can express by creativity as well as my love for beauty and Nature.