Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023
Athena  ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023

Athena ~ Bundle of 3 ~ 2023

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Save 12% on our 3 bottles bundle  ~  Athena 2023


Our Gold Winning 2023 Athena is made with mostly unripe olives. She is our most robust, intense and greener EVOO and requires 3 times more olives than Venus. Her certificate of analysis qualifies her for an Ultra Premium grade.

Our 2023 harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively from olives we grow in our estate, following biodynamic agriculture practices.

Our blend is made out of 5 Tuscany olives that are known for their high level in PolyphenolsFrantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Moraiolo, and Pandolino. We harvest by hand and cold press our olives on site always within less than 24 hours.

Award-Winning - Best World EVOO

Our 2023 Athena EVOO received a Gold Medal at the 2024 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and the 2024 World Olive Oil Competition in New York 

Ultra Premium Grade

Athena 2023 qualifies for an Ultra Premium grade which is above extra virgin.

Flavor Profile

Athena's aroma reflects a medium to robust style, and displays the following characters: Sweet nose, vanilla, cinnamon, tropical fruits.

Certificate of Analysis

Our Athena blend has been tested by a third party Lab accredited by the IOC (International Olive Council} to establish its chemical profile to determine its authenticity. It is raw and unfiltered to preserve its maximum potency. 

Total polyphenols: 149.5 mg/kg
Acidity: 0.16%
Harvest Date: Nov 7th & 8th 2023
Milling Date: Nov 7th & 8th 2023
Bottling: December 2023
Expiration: October 31st 2025

Special Note: 2023 was a very rainy winter which explains why the levels of polyphenols are not as high as the previous year.


EVOO is extremely sensitive to light, heat and oxygen which cause its oxidation and rancidity. For an optimal experience, we recommend to finish your bottle within 30 days after opening.  Leave your unopened bottles in a cold and dark place. 


* 375 ml  {13.19 oz}  - standard half wine bottle

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Kristen Harvey
Excellent olive oil

Absolutely delicious olive oil! Highly recommend.